India's 1st student acquisition company-Infinite1
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We make you reach your aspiring students through our innovative and strategic digital marketing approach; cost-effectively.



We engage aspirants and reinforce your institute to convert them from suspects to prospects by online counselling.

Education marketing company-infinite1


Ultimately we enrol the student and hand it over to your institution for further admission formalities.

What exactly we do?

Step 1: Our job starts even before students are searching for you. First of all, we strengthen your online identity and infrastructure i.e. well equipped and student-friendly website.

Step 2: Once you are virtually present we promote you organically and via paid media. So when students are searching for you or competitive relevant courses, you are present. We make these aspirants finally land on your website.

Step 3: On the website, we engage & counsel these aspirants through live chat & telecalling. Then we keep a follow up of interested candidates to finally enrol them and hand it over to you.

Our responsibility is to take care of marketing; right from the strategic planning to final admission of the student.

Why Student Acquisition Solution?

  • 1.  To ensure full occupancy of your group or institution
  • 2.  To reduce the marketing cost
  • 3.  To increase seat to application ratio
  • 4.  To improve the quality of the students
  • 5.  To let the academic team entirely focus on academic activities and not random marketing
  • 6.  To improve your institution's brand reputation in student and parents minds

Why Infinite1?

  • 1.  The infinite1 team has acquired 80,000+ students across 15 countries for earlier ventures
  • 2.  We have combined specialized 50 years + experience in education, marketing, digital and sales
  • 3.  Single point solution for all the marketing and student acquisition solution
  • 4.  You are at very low risk i.e., 0% exit liability