Colleges in India are still following the traditional way of marketing in order to fill in their seats. While the age old phrase says “you are not in the world, if you are not on the internet.”

Many institutes and colleges in India have the appearance on social media, but without any strategy or expert guidance.

With an increase in the number of colleges, students today have a lot of options, and the best place for them to do their research is the internet. This makes it essential for the education institutes to have their presence on the internet.

Reasons why institutes must include Social Media Marketing in their strategy


  • Facebook can be used for online registration of students
  • It will save the cost of maintaining a separate webpage for registration activities
  • Online information sharing
  • Student background verification
  • Potential student social media presence

Internal communication

  • Notice and information to a broader mass can be reached through Facebook
  • Internal messaging/ WhatsApp can be used to convey information to both individual and groups within very short period of time
  • Twitter can also be used to convey information to a particular group


  • Facebook can give updates about any events/competition
  • Facebook can be used to promote any event to a larger audience
  • Online advertisement can be used for this purpose
  • Effective use of Twitter can help to increase the visibility of any event by creating a trend

Industry Interface:

  • LinkedIn can be  used to maintain the institution and student profile
  • Blog and Twitter can be used to improve awareness about the institute


  • A webinar can be used for online classes
  • SlideShare can be used to upload case studies or report
  • A blog can be used to share any analyze new thoughts
  • Facebook can be used to provide notice and happenings in the out world
  • Twitter and Google+ can be used for online debate

Student Life:

  • Facebook can be used to provide details of student life
  • Blog and Twitter can be used to share students thought and carry out discussions
  • YouTube can be used for video uploading and sharing
  • LinkedIn manages student professional profile
  • Facebook/blogs/LinkedIn/Twitter can be used to maintain alumni network

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