Problem Statement-
One of our client Ashoka Education Foundation (AEF) was facing the problem of unoccupied seats for MBA institute Ashoka Business School (ABS). 88 seats out of 120 in the education session of 2016-2017 was vacant, which incurred a massive loss for them and they were also losing the market.

Ashoka Education Foundation (AEF) is one of the renowned educational institution in Nasik, Maharashtra, India. It is a part of Ashoka Group having a turnover of INR 400 crores. Yet, they were facing the problem of unoccupied seats for MBA course in Ashoka Business School (ABS). Only 32 out of 120 seats were filled in the academic session of 2016-2017. After the massive disaster in student acquisition, AEF tied up with Infinite 1 Ventures & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the academic year 2017-18. Infinite1 known for providing India’s only student acquisition solution right from the strategic planning to final admission of the student.
Through research, Infinite 1 team found some of the crucial problem areas in their student acquisition process, which are mentioned below-

  • ABS was following the medieval age technique of student acquisition system.
  • ABS didn’t have a proper website, which wasn’t well maintained as well.
  • Today, students & parents meet the institute on their digital devices.
  • When searched on Google with keywords like MBA institutes in Nashik, MBA colleges in Nashik, B-Schools in Nashik etc. ABS was not present on first 4 pages of Google search engine.
  • There were no SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and digital marketing activities.
  • ABS didn’t have any social media presence.
  • ABS had wholly neglected the digital mediums for reaching out to students & parents.
  • ABS didn’t have any student query handling support on the website.
  • Competitor analysis revealed that ABS was failing on various aspects on the digital front.
  • Less or no efforts were taken in lead generation techniques through digital.

Solution Offered-

After analyzing all the problem areas thoroughly, our experts came up with comprehensive and unique solution techniques-

  • The building of digital identity; starting with optimizing the website for ABS with SEO activities to enhance the organic search result.
  • Detailed social media strategy starting from selecting the right platform, appealing content, formulation of the budget to lead generation, was offered by our solution expert.
  • BTL advertising approach was offered to help track total impression to lead generation and lead generation to admission ratio in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Our expert had come up with innovative ideas like;
  • Mobile roadblock campaigns
  • IVR calling campaign in the surrounding rural area
  • Animated brand explainer videos & promotion
  • Content campaigns
  • On website engagement through live chat etc.
  • The end-to-end student acquisition solution was offered where Infinite 1’s team worked till the final admission process was completed.

Solution Implemented-

The solutions offered to the client were implemented in the following ways-

  • Creation of client’s social media page and updating it on regular basis. Some of the platforms used are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Creation of Ad account on Facebook and Google to optimize inorganic search & launch paid campaigns
  • After a thorough analysis of a client’s business two online sales executives were appointed to chat with website visitors and counsel them for admissions.
  • Different display and video campaigns were carried out through Google and Facebook for generating interest among students.
  • Short yet appealing content was used to inform them about the client’s unique offerings and benefits over other educational institutes in the country/locality.
  • A dedicated YouTube channel was created for video campaign and YouTube advertising.
  • 6 Motion Graphics Videos were created and shared through the client’s YouTube channel & social media profiles.
  • SMS & WhatsApp copies & banners were written & created. SMS & WhatsApp campaign was carried out on the provided database of CET, CAT etc.
  • Enticing HTML emailers were designed for generating leads through an email campaign.

Result Obtained-

The client stated that the results were beyond their expectations. We were not just able to fill all the 120 seats in the academic session 2017-18, but also 48 more candidates were on the waiting list.

Some of the significant results obtained from Infinite 1’s aggressive digital strategy are as below-

  • Out of total campaign through Google and YouTube, 30 lacs impressions and 42,000 clicks were generated.
  • Through SEO 20 MBA admission related keywords out of 30 appeared on the first page of an organic search on Google.
  • Through Facebook 2.45 Lac’s impressions were generated out of which 695 exclusive leads were obtained.
  • 250 leads were generated through IVR calling campaign.
  • The team was able to generate around 1000 leads from various other digital mediums.


While around 75% seats for the academic session 2016-17 were left vacant, Infinite1’s student acquisition solution ensured that not just the complete quota of 120 seats was filled, but also the ABS brand was positioned as one of top MBA institute in the Nashik & Maharashtra. And, after the success of our campaign, the client was so motivated that they proposed to increase its MBA intake to 180 seats for 2018-19 academic sessions.

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