Seat Occupancy
Seat Occupancy has dropped


Seat occupancy rates of engineering & management colleges has dropped to 67% & 65% respectively as per the latest report by CRISIL, a leading research & ratings firm in India. This leads to difficulty in sustaining an institute & sometimes shutting down completely.

Known reasons being many, it still remains a lagging problem since some years now.

5 factors to increase seat occupancy of your institution:

1. Build the trust factor

Institute Ratings, Industry Interface & Placement being top priority must be spoken about through proper channels. Trust becomes the single most important factor in education segment& past records really help.

Identifying the right channels for your brand and striking the right reach & frequency mix requires a specialist in the media domain.

More you give out information, higher the brand recall value.

2. Highlight your credentials

Statistics & major achievements on academic and non-academic front, leads to more and more confidence in student’s mind.

Round-the-year an institute goes through so many events like inter-collegiate competitions, placement, co-curricular line-ups etc. which can be highlighted on your website and promoted as well.

Showcase it on your website and campaigns to reach a larger population.

3. Speak with the student community

Aspiring students have many doubts which they discuss online. With the number of education specific online forums mushrooming by the day, engaging with the students constantly is of significance.

However since the digital landscape is vast, Online Reputation Management & Content Marketing tools needs to be executed by a specialist.

More you engage, higher the top of the mind value.

4. Micro-manage your admissions department

You have the promotional campaign & engagement plan ready. What next? Place a good online counselling team in place. Clear all doubts of students and enrol the student on-board.

What’s the point of campaigns if it doesn’t lead to admissions?

Also, the most difficult piece is convincing the student to join an institute with so many options in education available. Trained counsellors with convincing skills are required who are highly effective.

5. Move to non-traditional ways of advertising

Students today rely heavily on Digital Media for all the information. It’s important to have a strong digital presence.

Digital comes handy in all aspects of student life cycle process right from awareness building to having a conversation with, influencing the decision and finally enrolling him/her.

Hence, it becomes one platform to reach, engage and enrol the student.

For all these reasons, a digitally driven & education specialized “Student Acquisition” system becomes very critical. Holistic approach towards Admissions process is the need of the hour.

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Research Source: CRISIL 2012 Education report