Answer is Simple.

When students search your institute, influence them the way you want to be known.

When they look for your course category, let your presence impact their decision-making.

In short, tell your story, your way!

Sounds simple, but implementation takes a quite a lot more than that.

Read ahead to how know effectively you can implement the ZMOT for your institute.


Design your institute's ZMOT
Design your institute’s ZMOT

But first let us understand the image above. The four milestones shown are as:

Step 1: “STIMULUS” to enquire for the course or institute.

Step 2: This did not exist before the advent of Web 2.0 & increased penetration of internet in India.

Step 3: “First moment of truth” is where the student encounters the course/institute information via brochure, visiting the institute or enrolment.

Step 4:  “Second moment of truth” is the actual experience with the institute.

Going back to Step 2:

“Zero Moment of Truth” happens digitally & it is impactful since it happens right at the beginning and may or may not lead to further steps.

Students today have many options and do not have time to explore every institute at first & second moments of truth.

So how to design your institute’s ZMOT in 5 steps?

  1. Develop a Strong Digital Presence:

Be it on web or mobile, your institute should be easily searchable.

  • Website with right user experience which engages student
  • Good visibility in Google search results through top keywords &
  • Google search becomes your PR round-the-clock.
  • Keep track of what is being said about your institute online
  1. Clear Doubts posted online by students:

In the process of sourcing information students often ask a lot of questions online. Institutes should reply to relevant queries to help the students get the right information.

Remember, an institute with a helping hand will have a higher chance of being in the consideration set within all institutes. It also adds a positive image to your institute.

  1. Publish relevant content:

Apart from solving queries, take the leadership role in truly assisting students with quality content. Topics can range from “5 tips to prepare for upcoming CAT/IIT exams”, “How to better manage your exam time” etc. Publish this on relevant top education portals.

Keep the conversation on by replying to comments posted by students. Constant engagement with students establishes top-of-mind-recall for institute.

  1. Online Counselling:

Education means a lot to the student in various ways and can change his/her course of life.

Many factors like course structure, placement, college life, financial assistance etc. impact decision-making and institute selection.

Setup trained online counselling team which can be reached round-the-clock in various ways like calling, live chat, email etc. One-to-one conversation is the best form to enroll the student.

  1. Replicate the experience everywhere:

Make sure to have consistency everywhere, from website to institute’s campus. Since the actual experience will eventually go back to being online, in form of post, check-in, likes, pictures or discussion forums. This also becomes some other student’s ZMOT and has a viral effect.

Hence, it all goes back to the Zero Moment of Truth, again!

This would ultimately lead to higher chances of increasing your seat occupancy. ZMOT is the phenomenon which no institute can miss out on today.

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