Google has brought this phenomenon of ZMOT to light. The undisputed authority of World Wide Web! So quoting Google, we have identified the ZMOT in Education.

Education ZMOT
Zero Moment of Truth in Education


But first, what is Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) as per Google?

ZMOT is that moment when you check your laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc. and start learning about a product or service when you’re thinking about trying or buying.

When consumers come to know about a product today, their first reaction is ‘Let me search online for it.’ And so they go on a journey of discovery: about a product, a service, an issue, an opportunity. Today you are not behind your competition. You are not behind the technology. You are behind your consumer.

Now, coming to ZMOT’s impact in Education scenario, this blog will help you understand the paradigm shift in student’s behavior & how information sourcing and media consumption has gone digital!

4 ways in which this disruptive change in Education impacts your institute:

  1. ZMOT – It’s Round-theclock, Instantaneous & Free

Young Indian, be it parent or student, is very high on Internet consumption. Phenomenon of  ZMOT matters more than ever before with:

  • 200 million+ active internet users in India
  • Time spent online as 3.5+ hours every day on desktop
  • Internet-enabled mobile phones handy all-day long
  • No money, time or resources required, unlike asking for a brochure, visiting an institute or speaking to an education expert offline.
  1. Decision-making happens online

From search (both web & mobile), user reviews and ratings to official brand websites, social media etc. students are deciding on their institute way before the counselling by the institute can happen. To summarize, they learn and decide, at the “Zero Moment of Truth.”

  1. Digital is Consistent & Round-the-year.

Students are searching and looking to make a decision round-the-year. Hence, being present only during admissions season does not help. Consistency on year-long presence and engagement with students shows the difference in brand building efforts. 

  1. Student is Most Engaged here than any other medium.

High intent student, to put it simply! ZMOT phenomenon is about how a student is asking questions and sourcing information with a purpose to enrol sometime soon. Unlike the big hoardings & print ads which by old-school belief that it has mass reach and city targeting, but it is not effective anymore and burns tons of money.

For these reasons, ZMOT is an inescapable truth of today’s times. Digital captures a very high mind-space when student receives right information whenever looked for during the Zero-moment-of-truth.

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