Last week my blog focused on latest trends in education sector in India. One of the key conclusions was to acquire admissions to improve the seat occupancy rates. With that, I would like to highlight the importance of a new education domain-specific product called as Student Acquisition Solution (SAS).

SA is your strategic partner in making regular admission department of your institute/university into a robust engine which combines the “Power of 4” rolled into 1 viz.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Online Counselling
  3. Business Consultancy
  4. Technology

To elaborate this, the image below shows how a student is acquired by this process:

Student Acquisition Solution for Educational Institute
Reach| Engage | Sell

3-step process of “Reach | Engage | Sell”


Digital Marketing awareness & lead generation program brings more enquiries to the institute.  Strategy is developed to attract the right & potential students for the institute.


Once the student has enquired, appropriate counselling by the trained online sales team takes place to handle queries & convince them for admission in your institute. Engagement marketing tactics like e-mail marketing etc. also tracks the student through the admission process.


Convincing skills, industry knowledge and personalised follow-up of the counsellor with the help of marketing automation & lead management tools converts a prospect into a confirmed enrolment.


Why do you need Student Acquisition Solution?

Need of Student Acquisition Solution
Student Acquisition Solution


  • To ensure full occupancy of all colleges of your group institution
  • To reduce the cost of marketing
  • To increase seat-to-application ratio
  • To improve the selection quality of the students
  • To let the academic team completely focus on academic activities
  • To create Top-of-the-Mind effect of your institution on student and parents

Hence, a student acquisition solution becomes very important.

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