Infinite 1 awarded as Best Digital Marketing agency by Google!

It was an exciting Wednesday at Infinite 1. The creative geeks & the marketing minds were at work. Nothing changed until our Google AdWords specialist Shadab Mujawar finally scrolled down the email from Google Partners. The mail was about the Grand Competition for the best digital marketing agencies. Thus It was clear opportunity to showcase our performance among the peers. This was enough for him to rush to his Chief – Mohammed Obaid Khan and get a sign off to register.

By now the young and dynamic Infinitian’s were all pumped up to achieve the #1 Position. The competition was to manage digital spend of Rs. 1.2 Million in 90 days. The agency just 2 years young in the market dared to believe. One single positive dream is more important than a thousand negative realities. 

It gives us immense pleasure and pride to announce that Infinite 1 a Pune based Digital Marketing Agency has won the prestigious #Google #Gameon #Competition for Q2 2016.

The team overachieved the target with 4 days left for the competition to conclude. Our Google AdWords certified specialists were successful in generating maximum results. Consequently the victory resulted into increased leads and sales for our clients. As winners of the #Gameon #Competition we became the best digital marketing agency in the category. Furthermore the win also bagged us the opportunity to attend the Google Partner Summit at San Francisco, U.S.A.

Thank you Clients for believing in us.

First of all we take this opportunity to thank our Clients for believing in what we do the best. During this hour of ebullience we also promise our clients to work harder and excel in the prodigious world of Digital.

Commenting on the victory Mr. Nilesh Lolaykar (M.D) said – “This is a logical conclusion of what our true capabilities always was. We are a team which had created South East Asia’s most successful Digital Acquisition Model. When this team started it was normal that success will come in a matter of time and it came. So that’s how I see it, it is as a logical conclusion of our capabilities, acceptance by the industry that we are if not the best but, among one of the best.”