Building Blocks for Strong Digital Presence
Building Blocks for Strong Digital Presence


“If you don’t Exist Virtually today, you don’t exist.”

This statement can increase your anxiety levels but it’s true. With today’s tech-savvy consumer, in order for a business to be successful in the market, a website is a must. Absence of a website may lead to a business not being taken seriously by its potential or existing customers. However before expanding online presence organisations must understand its basic foundations.

For building a strong foundation for an institute/university, read below for the 4 building blocks by Tom Cochran, US Dept. of State:

1. Content is King:

Content refers to the message, which the institute wants to communicate to its potential students. It involves the mission statement of the organisation and also conveys the benefits sought by the potential students  using the products or services of the organisation.

Another consideration in this respect is interactivity with the students, which is a critical point of focus in the digital world.

2. Strategy for Engagement:

After deciding the content of the website the second important element is the strategy. If Content involves the “What” aspect then Strategy includes the “Why” aspect. It refers to “why your institute’s website exists and why some students would want to listen to and engage with your message”.

The consideration in this regard is that the strategy should involve engagement round-the-year in order to create and maintain a relationship with the students and stay in their consideration set at the time of finalizing the institutes to apply for.

3. Design for Student Experience:

Without attractive packaging a product may fail in the market. If meaningful content is not provided with a fitting and attractive design, the purpose may not be achieved. Here comes the role of aesthetics and user experience.

Designing the website is as crucial as the content that is provided; sometimes even more vital than the content. An appropriately and well designed website may be key in helping to differentiate the institute from its competitors.

 The website should be designed in an attractive, easily accessible, clear and interactive manner. Graphics and videos should be used to make it eye-catching. The courses and institute’s advantage over competition should be highlighted over the homepage.

4. Latest Technology Application:

The last but the most important element is technology. Without proper technology to carry out the job, it does not matter how good the content or strategy is and how well it looks. The institute will not be able to connect with its students in the absence of suitable and updated technology.

These are the four interrelated elements for building a strong digital presence. No single element among these is sufficient alone.  And for achieving and acquiring the above four elements together, there is need for specialized guidance in the education domain & digital media together.

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