Digital is Key

‘World is going digital’ you must have heard this phrase some million times is last few years. But we will still repeat it for you one more time- ‘world has gone digital’. Yes, now it’s past, world has already moved to digital. Digital marketing is no more a future, its present.

Now students are online; parents are also online, are you?

Taking your institution online will showcase you in front of millions of prospective aspirants & their decision makers online.

People are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis – on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers at work, and more – we take your institution online. We create your virtual identity & presence to widen your reach to aspiring students. Our digital marketing solutions have a upper hand over traditional marketing. Following comparison will tell you why you need to transform from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing
1. Expensive 1. Cost effective
2. Often focuses on local audience and allows little room for market segmentation 2. Enables exact target messaging
3. Makes it hard, almost impossible to measure results 3. Measurable & scalable results
4. Has low ROI (return on investment) compared to digital 4. Has high ROI
5. Static and doesn’t interact with students 5. Capable of giving viral value
6. Unidirectional i.e. one to many where audience only listen 6. Multidirectional i.e. Many to many where students and university both listen and talk
7. Long ranging: ad campaigns need to be planned long time before 7. Spontaneous: ad campaigns can be executed spontaneously
8. Higher cost of acquisition 8. Drastically reduces cost of acquisition
9. You cannot compete with big competitors 9. Here a small players can compete with market biggies
10. You have to wait weeks for results 10. Results of campaign are real time
11. Refinement or optimization of marketing strategy cannot be done once the campaigns are live 11. Refinement or optimization of marketing strategy can be done at any point of time of campaign.